Best skip bin size for renovations in Durban North?

The best skip bin size for household renovations in Durban North?

Our ultimate guide when choosing the best skip bin size for all household projects and other DIY work in Durban North.

There was nothing like a global pandemic to send us all hurtling back into that DIY thrifting, up-cycling, bread-making, spring cleaning mindset. As much as things have changed drastically since, many of us are still harnessing all of those DIY skills we learnt many months ago. From landscaping to home renovations, gardening to spring cleaning: adequate and efficient waste removal in Durban North is a fantastic and often under-appreciated resource. Not only are skip bins fantastic for keeping your home project neat, clean and organised; skip bins in Durban North are also incredibly affordable and environmentally efficient.


What skip bins sizes are available in Durban North?


Over the past few decades, conversations concerning waste in Durban North have become increasingly more serious. The amount of waste being produced globally is a serious environmental concern. In Durban North, studies have shown that the average person can generate up to 3kg of waste per day and up to 1 tonne of waste per annum. These statistics would suggest that the importance of efficient and safe waste removal policies is becoming significantly more prevalent.


Skips bins are easily accessible and readily available for all types of work in Durban North, not just for industrial or commercial projects. Jumbo skips bins and medium skip bins are very popular on many construction sites but mini skip bins are the perfect skip bin size for home renovations and DIY projects. We have attached below an estimated guideline for skip bin sizes based on the weights of waste capacity.


Mini Skip Bin: 2 cubic yards (2000kg waste capacity)

Jumbo Skip Bin: 8 cubic yards (8000kg waste capacity)


As seen above, skip bins can hold substantial amounts of waste, making them ideal for effective, efficient and affordable waste management in Durban North. Mini skip bin hires are the ideal size for personal projects and home renovations.


Maximise on your mini skip bin after renovations in Durban North?


Whilst skip bins can be incredibly beneficial and affordable, this is very dependant on your choice of skip bin size. If one was to hire a jumbo skip bin in Durban North and end up not filling the skip to capacity, money is wasted on size, especially when a mini skip bin would have been more adequate. Choosing the best skip bin size is essential when looking to optimise on a skip bin hire in Durban North. Moreover, categorising waste is a great way to maximise on your skip bin hire. In 2018, South Africa processed a substantial amount of plastic recycling globally, 46.3% of all plastic products. With these statistics in mind, it becomes very easy to see the importance of a proper waste management and waste removal service. Below is a brief guide on how to categorise some common household items when using a mini skip bin in Durban North.


What can be put in a mini skip bin:




What cannot be put in a mini skip bin:

Hazardous materials


Medical Waste


For more information on waste management services and mini skip bins in Durban North, contact your nearest skip bin provider.


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