Upon delivery you must provide our staff member with a copy of the proof of payment of the balance of the invoice either via EFT or you can pay in Cash. Additional drop-offs and collections must be paid upon delivery of the empty skip unless otherwise agreed upon.

By accepting delivery of Johnsons Mini Skips, skips or services, the hirer, or representative thereof, is fully accepting the terms & conditions set out for skip hire and services provided by Johnsons Mini Skips.

You will be entitled to cancel or vary an order provided that Johnsons Mini Skips receives notice of variation or cancellation no less than 3 working days before the delivery date under the order. Any other variation to your order will be granted at Johnsons Mini Skips sole discretion and subject to payment of reasonable costs.

In the event an order is cancelled by Johnsons Mini Skips the customer will receive a full refund of any monies paid in advance for the cancelled order.

The price of the service is as stated by Johnsons Mini Skips at the time of acceptance of your purchase order, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by Johnsons Mini Skips.

All prices include the cost of delivery and removal of the skips. Prices quoted are based on the information which you submit to Johnsons Mini Skips, and Johnsons Mini Skips reserves the right to vary prices if that information is incorrect.

You must ensure that there are a contact person that can meet us upon arrival and also ensure that we have access to the drop-off point. We need sufficient space for the drop & collect, we need a 1.5m clearance around our skip for collection.

In the event of an overloaded skip, Johnsons Mini Skips reserves the right under the Road Traffic Act and Workplace Health and Safety Act to refuse to lift the receptacle and a daily hire charge, wasted journey charges and labour fees are applicable and duly payable by the customer, charged at the current rate at that time until such time as the skip is safe to transport. Additional collections are charged per load including the relevant travel.

Placement of the Skip is at the driver’s discretion, this is due to our Public Liability requirements via our Insurance Company. Johnsons Mini Skips will endeavour to place a skip at the customer’s direction but will not be held responsible or liable for any damage to property or surrounds caused by following those directions.

We will place the skip at the agreed relevant area and under no circumstances may the skip be moved for this will affect the collection/loading procedure.

The hirer’s agree to fully indemnify Johnsons Mini Skips against any liability for personal injury or property damage when instructed verbally at the point of order, in person on site, or otherwise, by the customer or their representative(s), for any damages caused when directed off public roads, to a place not constructed or generally rated for heavy weights in terms of kerbs, pavements, driveways, footings, pipes, manholes, pits or other obstacle(s) in width, height or however such injury or damage may be caused.

In the event of a skip not being available for collection on its designated pick up day, and unless previous arrangements have been made for extended hire, additional transport charges and hire charges will be applied for wasted journey(s).

The hirer is responsible for ensuring the position for hire item(s) delivery has a clear access. Blocked access due to abandoned vehicles or materials resulting in failed delivery/collection will incur standing time and or an aborted delivery charge (known generally as a wasted journey fee).

We need a minimum of 2 hours’ notice for collecting the skips other than our standard collection days. This must be pre-arranged.

Following any verbal instruction, at the point of order, or on site, be it in the event that a signature is not gained on delivery, and/or in the event of the customer or representative thereof not being on site for signatory purposes, it will be deemed that the terms and conditions are accepted once delivery has taken place, and in filling the skip provided, all terms and conditions fully apply therein.

Skips will not be filled above the top rim, and there will be no items or waste protruding above or from any direction whatsoever of the skip, and all waste will be confined within the skips capacity. Building rubble/sand/stone will only be filled to the indicated marking inside the bin.

Skips will not contain any prohibited items such as asbestos / tyres / paints / liquids / foodstuffs / combustibles or gases, unless a pre-arranged, and a suitable receptacle is supplied and charged accordingly at the current rate. No fires are lit in, and no corrosive acid or noxious substance, liquid cement or concrete placed in the hire item(s). Click here for more info on prohibited items.

Should any of the above prohibited items be found to be in the hired skip, the customer is solely liable for all separation, environmental clean-up, administration and disposal/transport/hygiene costs arising from that contamination.

The hirer’s agree to pay Johnsons Mini Skips for any damages, repairs or replacement thereof incurred to skips, plant or equipment that may be damaged or defaced whilst on hire or on site and being in the possession of the customer.

The hirer’s agree to pay Johnsons Mini Skips for any additional costs incurred as a result of being ordered to re-position or remove any skip(s) by a statutory or other authority whilst under contract with the customer.

The hirer’s agree to ensure that any skip(s) that may be sited in a public area are to be adequately covered to prevent wastes being dislodged, removed, or any escape of wastes thereof, and to fully indemnify Johnsons Mini Skips against any legal actions, damages or costs which may occur or be granted against Johnsons Mini Skips or subsidiary thereof.

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