Why you should hire a mini skip bin in Umdloti after the festive season?

 As much as we all love the festive season, there is a particularly frustrating consequence to all those Christmas celebrations and New Year’s events, the January cleanup! Nothing says back to work like the beginning of a new year. It can quickly become very overwhelming. Fortunately for all of us, Mini skip bins in Umdloti  are available all year round. Cleaning up your home after a very busy festive season doesn’t need to be a tedious, month-long process. Skip bins are available in multiple sizes and can be used for all of your household clutter, one of the many reasons that mini skip bins in Umdloti  are ideal for you.  


Why use a Mini Skip bin for waste removal? 

Mini skip bins are more than simply waste removal. Skip bins have proven to be more eco-conscious and time-saving. Skip bin companies in Umdloti  are experienced in handling a variety of waste products in a responsible and ethical manner, recycling products wherever possible. Furthermore, the ability to remove household waste in bulk is both efficient for mini skip bin companies and the customer! 


What can Mini Skips be used for?  

In order to maximise on your mini skip bin hire, it is important to know what can you put into a skip bin and what can’t you put in a skip bin? Mini Skip bins can be used for a variety of waste types.  Categories can include green waste, metal, rubble or even old furniture. If you have any plastic cups or utensils left over from the New Years festivities or any paper items such as old school books and covers, these can be put into a mini skip bin and recycled. Be wary of electronics and hazardous waste in a skip bin for hire but for a more detailed list of what not to put in a skip bin, contact a mini skip bin company in Umdloti  


For more information: (link to https://www.johnsonsminiskips.co.za/contact/) 


Are Mini Skip bins affordable?  

Another reason to make use of a mini skip bin in Umdloti  is affordability. Cheap mini skip bins for hire is a great way to get the most bang for your buck! Mini skip bins are delivered to your doorstep and taken to a specific waste removal location. This will save your time, energy and transport costs. Most importantly, not having to use a variety of waste removal solutions over a number of days or weeks is the biggest time, energy and money saver!   




Johnsons Mini Skips  

Speaking of cost effective waste removal solutions, Johnsons Mini Skips in Umdloti  is one of the best! Johnsons Mini Skips have risen to the top of the industry in only 4 years as a result of their unwavering customer satisfaction. The professionals at Johnsons Mini Skip hire are passionate professionals with experience in a variety of waste removal situations including household waste, events, commercial waste and much more!  


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