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Hiring a mini skip in Durban North for household spring cleaning?


Are you wondering what can be put in a mini skip bin? The ins and outs of skip bins so to speak! Whether you are working on a home renovation, spring cleaning before the new year, or decluttering the office, waste is inevitable. However, worrying and sweating over waste removal doesn’t have to be. Johnsons Mini Skips have a variety of mini skip bins for hire in Durban North for all of your waste removal needs. In order to maximise on your skip bin rental, we have put together a few examples of waste products that might find their way into your rubbish pile.


What can be put in a mini skip bin

Domestic households can generate a variety of waste. From garden refuse to home recycling, this is an environment where waste removal can be a real headache. If organised efficiently in Durban North, cheap skip bin rentals can be achieved. Skip bins are ideal for removing general household waste such as:


  • Clothes
  • Cardboard boxes and packaging
  • Furniture and Kitchen/Cleaning appliances.
  • Paper waste
  • Leaves/Clippings/Branches


Separating your waste into general categories such as garden waste, general waste, paper or glass will help to the make the most of your skip rental and to ensure green and sustainable waste disposal from your skip bin services in Durban North. Informing your skip bin  rental company of your types of waste will also help with an efficient and affordable mini skip hire. Johnsons Mini Skips offer a variety of services for domestic households, Special Events to construction waste and rubble removal.


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What can’t be put in a mini skip bin

Coming across weird and wonderful items when clearing out the garage or sorting through the pile of goodies in the corner of the room is no revelation. One might find items that can be put in a skip bin and products that cannot. Another means of ensuring safety and sustainability in Durban North would be to avoid toxic, harmful and hazardous materials in skip bins. There are some items that skip hire companies are not equipped to handle and will need to be disposed of through the proper channels. These items include:


  • Oil
  • Paint
  • Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Household Batteries
  • Gas Bottles


Mini skip bins are an excellent means of waste removal for everyday, domestic household products but if you are unsure about combustible materials or harmful chemicals, talk to Johnsons Mini Skips in Durban North for more information. Johnsons Mini Skip bin hire can relieve some of that added stress during spring clean season. We offer efficient,  sustainable and cheap mini skips in Durban North with customer satisfaction at our core.

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