Starting to Think About Clearing up Your Garden in Durban

Starting to Think About Clearing up Your Garden in Durban?

When you consider cleaning your garden, figuring out how you will clear all the waste can be a daunting task. Fortunately, skip hiring companies like Johnsons Mini Skips offer an affordable, hassle-free garden clearance service. Below are some tips and considerations that should think about when planning a garden waste collection.


Find out how long your garden will clearance take


Simply order one of our Johnsons Mini Skips to be efficiently delivered on time to areas in and around the Durban area. Start by measuring out a small portion of your garden, then time how long it will take you to clear it while filling your Johnsons Mini Skip.


Think about the amount of refuse from this first section of your garden and whether or not it will fit into a single skip. One of the best ideas we can think of for our Durban customers is to arrange your garden refuse removal per skip. In other words, a skip = 2,5 bakkie loads worth of refuse. Based on this calculation, you would be able to relatively accurately plan the number of skips you would need to remove the waste over time OR in a single haul.


Separate your waste types


Green waste and general waste.


Green waste is the waste that will come from your garden, including weeds, shrubs, bushes and grass.


General waste, on the other hand, consists of any item you have placed in your garden. General waste can include plant pots, old shed or old garden furniture. Identify things that you want to throw away, sell or keep to avoid disposing of something of value. Don’t place hazardous waste such as paint tins in a skip.


Reduce bulky waste volumes


Johnsons Mini Skips will charge you on a per skip basis.


So, by separating your waste, you will possibly reduce the number of skips required to complete your waste removal. PLUS, this is an excellent practice for the environment as Johnsons Mini Skips will be able to dispose of your waste at the right dumping sites for processing. Separating waste reduces environmental impact and mismanaged waste on a worldly scale.


How to choose the correct method of waste disposal


For the residence of Durban, there are many waste removal options available. Areas are, of course, dependent on the type of refuse, which is why it is so vital to separate your waste whenever possible. This process will even stand to save you money on dumping fees to a reduced rate!


Man and van rubbish clearance


While removing refuse in Durban with Van hire services might be cheaper initially, larger waste removal jobs will require more space for waste. Johnsons Mini Skips provide customers with a far larger space


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