Salt Rock Mini Skip Hire

Salt Rock Mini Skip Hire


How to maximise on your skip hire in Salt Rock after an event.

Anybody that has hosted an event can tell you that the clean-up is as much an effort as the preparation.  Plates and cutlery are stacked up by the sink, cups and cans are scattered across every surface in sight, the odd cracker crunches under your slippers as you attempt to scoop them up; but most importantly, all rubbish bins whether indoors or out are bursting at the seams with waste. Event planning can be one of those things that turns your party excitement into a party headache. Whether it be shopping for supplies, coordinating DJs or simply puzzling over the parking situation, don’t add unnecessary post-party logistics to that list as well.  Skip hire is a brilliant solution to this. Johnsons Mini Skips in Salt Rock offer a variety of services to ensure that all of your post-party waste removal is handled affordably, efficiently and sustainably.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Johnsons Mini Skip hire in Salt Rock.


What type of waste might you find at your event?

Events are notorious for racking up a variety of waste products. Skip bins can be a fantastic way of managing this waste so as to avoid rubbish bin overload and overwhelming clean-up attempts. At your event, you may find plastic cups and bottles, non-reusable decorations/ props, broken items etc. Whilst these seem like items that could be tackled with a black bin bag, it is the vast quantities that tend to overwhelm. Hiring a waste disposal skip at a cheap price is the solution to this problem, say goodbye to that curb-side trash in your Salt Rock. Mini skips provide the right size for an extra space for all that rubbish without the worry of removal after the event.


Is it important to separate your waste?

Separating waste is a major opportunity for you to maximise on your skip hire. This is an excellent practice in environmental sustainability and may help with skip hire costs in the long run.

  • General waste: disposable cutlery
  • Green waste: leftover foods
  • Plastic waste: water bottles

These are items that you may find at your event and possible categories in which they can be organised. Try using labels to help your guests find the right bin for the right waste product. Make sure that you place these categorized bins in convenient locations both for guest availability and collection from Johnsons Mini Skips at the end of the event.


Johnsons Mini Skips

There are plenty of things to worry about when planning an event which is why it is important to be informed about your skip hire prices upfront. Johnsons Mini Skips charge on a per skip basis making them an easy to use skip hire service in Salt Rock. With the needs of their customers in mind, Johnsons Mini Skips will deliver, collect and dispose of all your waste products efficiently, sustainably and affordably. No Mess, No Stress!



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