Mini Skip Bin Durban North

Mini Skip Bin Durban North

End-of-the-year clean up? Hire a mini skip bin Durban North!

Christmas is fast-approaching – and so is all that pesky holiday mess! It’s all fun & games till you are stuck with the clean-up! Fortunately, there is a solution to help you manage your waste this holiday season – mini skip bins Durban North.


We all love the holidays – that jolly, festive, family-orientated time of year that can turn any frown upside down in a matter of seconds, just with the thought even! That being said, you know what isn’t fun? Holiday mess! Unfortunately, one cannot experience the festive season without the inevitable New Year’s clean up. This clean up, which is required at the beginning of the year, can be an incredibly overwhelming task; 12 months worth of accumulation can really add up: trinkets, brochures, clothing, novelty gifts, you name it! Fortunately, there is a solution to deal with all the household waste accumulation in one fell swoop – mini skip bins Durban North.


Maximise on your mini skip hire Durban North


Mini skip bins Durban North are a fantastic resource for managing all types of waste, making them the ideal solution for that end-of-year clean up; that being said, this waste can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. Choosing the right skip bin size is an important factor when it comes to making the most out of your skip bin hire Durban North. Skip bins are available in a variety of sizes: namely jumbo, med, or mini skip bins. Each skip bin sizes can hold a certain mass of waste, calculated according to weight and cubic metres. We often recommend mini skip bins in Durban North for household spring cleaning – but if you would like to make your own calculations, there are a variety of conversion charts available.


Categorising waste


Selecting the correct size skip bin is not the only factor to consider if you’re hoping to maximise on your mini skip bin hire. Categorising waste is another means of maximising on your mini skip bin in Durban North. Waste can be separated into a variety of categories: recyclables, organic, hazardous, medical, general, even garden refuse. The importance of categorising waste can mainly be attributed to the time factor, however, there is also value in categorising from an environmental perspective – not only can categorising waste prior to your skip bin hire save you time and energy in the long term, but it is also substantially more environmentally effective as items can be disposed of at the correct disposal centres and facilities.


Types of holiday mess


Holiday mess has been notorious for inducing feelings of stress, anxiety, and not the smallest amount of procrastination from homeowners. One of the best ways to combat such feelings, organisation and waste management i.e categorisation. The end-of-year clean up sees many items suddenly reemerging from years of dust-accumulation in the back cupboard. Here are a few items you might encounter that can definitely be categorised and put into a mini skip bin: gift wrapping paper, old furniture, cutlery, clothing, cardboard boxes or containers, plastics etc.



If you are you looking for a mini skip bin Durban North? Contact a mini skip bin hire Durban North for a quote.



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