How to hire a mini skip bin in Durban North?

How to hire a mini skip bin in Durban North?


Nothing adds to the stress of the week like mess! Although, not knowing how to dispose of that mess can be even more stressful. Skip the mess & skip the stress with a mini skip bin hire in Durban North. Many people are unaware of the availabilities of skip bins in their area as well as their flexibility and affordability. Mini skip bins in Durban North are a fantastic resource for waste removal, easy to use and a great way to practice responsible waste removal. South African individuals, in a personal capacity, are capable of generating about 2,5 kilograms of waste in a day depending on their income. That substantial amount of waste needs to be handled responsibly and carefully. Mini skip bin companies in Durban North are experienced professionals, acutely aware of the proper protocols and legislative procedures for dealing with waste.


When can I use a mini skip bin?


Mini skip bins are significantly more versatile than many people initially expect. When thinking of skip bins, many may anticipate massive, jumbo skips! Whilst these jumbo skips are available and necessary for some projects in Durban North, many people have significantly less waste but still require skip bins to efficiently deal with their waste. Mini skip bins are perfect for these purposes! You may be spring cleaning or hosting an event for the family, perhaps you are undertaking a construction project or a DIY expedition: If so, mini skip bins are the best resources. Mini skip bins are available for a variety of events and projects; However, there are limitations to what can be put in a mini skip bin and what can’t be put in a mini skip bin? General classifications of waste can include but are not limited to recyclables, hazardous, organic, general etc.


What can I put in a mini skip bin?


Separating and categorising waste is essential when it comes to maximising on your mini skip bin hire in Durban North.

Furthermore, this categorising allows for a more responsible and efficient waste disposal process. Certain items may be recyclable whilst others may be hazardous or unsuitable for normal landfill waste. It can be difficult to distinguish between suitable and unsuitable items for a min skip bin. Below are a few common items that can and cannot be put into a mini skip bin:


Items that can be put into a mini skip bin:


  • Kitchenware: utensils, dishes, cookware
  • Certain electronics: computers, cellphones
  • Cleaning appliances: washing machines, dryers, fridges
  • Clothing & furniture
  • Children’s toys


Items that cannot be put into a mini skip bin:


  • Organic waste: foods, liquids
  • Batteries: household, car
  • Hazardous materials: explosives, dangerous chemicals
  • Medical waste: plasters, needles, bandages


Johnsons Mini Skips have been providing mini skip bins in Durban North at affordable rates since 2018: their services include delivery, collection and disposal. If you are unsure about what to put in a skip bin, contact Johnsons Mini Skips in Durban North for more information. No mess means no stress.


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