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Thinking about hiring a skip bin in KZN?

Most people consider skip hire in KZN a strictly commercial or industrial practice. Whilst this may be the case for larger skip bins, mini skip bins in KZN are available for all types of waste removal. They can be used for household waste removal, events and functions as well as construction waste. If you are considering mini skip bins as a waste removal solution, below is some helpful information to help you get started.


Categorise your waste

Categorising your waste is a great way to maximise on your mini skip bin hire in KZN. This may seem tedious but it can be a brilliant way to ensure green and sustainable waste removal. Johnsons Mini Skips pride themselves on this method of conscious waste removal. As a general rule, there is specific waste that can go into a mini skip bin and waste that you can’t put in a skip bin. Garden waste, paper, glass, general waste or other recyclables such as old clothing and furniture can all be safely removed by your mini skip hire company in KZN. Toxic and hazardous chemicals and products should not be put into a mini skip bin; these are products such as oils, paints, household batteries, gas bottles etc.


Johnsons Mini Skip Hire are at your disposal if you are ever unsure about disposing of a certain item into a mini skip bin.Johnsons Mini Skips Durban


See more about categorising your skip bin: (link to: https://www.johnsonsminiskips.co.za/waste-management-company-in-clermont/)


Skip bin sizes

Skip bins are available in all sizes: mini skips, medium skips or larger skip bins for bigger projects. Choosing the right size skip bin will save on costs. If you end up hiring a large skip bin in KZN, the skip could be left partially filled. Likewise, if you end up hiring a mini skip bin that does not meet your waste removal capacity, you could end up spending more for another skip bin. That being said, mini skip bins are extremely affordable for all types of waste, especially if you are inexperienced with skip bin hire. To avoid unforeseen costs, be sure to contact Johnsons Mini Skip Hire for the best, affordable mini skip hire in KZN.


Contact us here: (link to: https://www.johnsonsminiskips.co.za/contact/)


Mini skip bin price

The price of a mini skip bin hire in KZN will be dependent on the size of the skip bin and possibly the distance traveled. Johnsons Mini Skip Hire will deliver and collect from your doorstep, this will save on time, money and energy when attempting to remove your waste. This customer-driven company has risen to the top of the mini skip bin industry with their efficient and sustainable waste removal strategies. If you are thinking of using a mini skip hire company in KZN, look no further than Johnsons Mini Skips!


For more information: (link to: https://www.johnsonsminiskips.co.za)


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