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Johnsons Mini Skips is primarily a waste removal company who specialises in the safe removal of waste as a result of garden clean ups, small building projects or alterations to properties. These are of course the basics of what our skips might be used for, however, their versatility is practically endless. Primarily operating in within the Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal Region, Johnsons Mini Skips is just a phone call, email or Whatsapp text away from retrieving your refuse.

The concept behind our business is simple. You are a customer who has recently come into some waste (perhaps the remains of a renovated bathroom) which needs to be removed from your property. Ideally, you would have JMS (Johnsons Mini Skips) deliver a skip before the demolition of the existing bathroom. The bathroom would then be demolished and the remains tossed into your JMS Skip. This skip would then be collected when ready and it’s waste disposed of accordingly.

One might ask why to choose our 2 ton or 2.2 ton skips, over having waste collected by open back vehicles such as bakkies (1 ton) To that, the answer is simple, as skips offer a safe and economical way to transport your waste, without affecting your schedule or damaging your own vehicle. You simply order the skip for delivery, it’s DELIVERED, you FILL it & We COLLECT it! All skips are secured and do not run the risk of spilling debris onto the road in transit.

A simple and effective way to remove waste with peace of mind.

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